Saint Laurent Downtown Bag Review
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Saint Laurent Downtown Bag Review

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Saint Laurent Downtown bag- Yes, we do know what your present thoughts are, seeing this luxurious accessory; what an entrancing shape! Amazingly built-in slouch with super cool aura! You are pretty fond of its no-two-spots-are-similar trait where the spots are gathered at the centre and keep spreading sideways.It’s funny (but all in good sense) as to how the under-the-radar hardware compliments this extrovert looking rock-chic Downtown. Its practically everywhere, even with the ever so popular celebs like Kate Moss and Demi Moore!

Like a humongous Saint Laurent bag, it was introduced in 2007 as a practical everyday large bag. This stunning thing is exceptionally posh, chic and fabulously functional for day errands. Look at its slouchy downwards soft silhouette and you’ll see the light about its name. You know for whom these classic and timeless pieces are designed? For the ones who crave for YSL’s signature buckle, a roomy interior, versatility and the stylish zip closure that runs across the top.


First and foremost lets introduce ourselves; here before our eyes is a stunning Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote and well, we are the handbag aficionados. The sleek design features incredible zipper details, frontal decorative belts, sturdy top strap handles with anchors and handle rings, gorgeous hardware, buckle detail, side wings (like you have seen in Celine luggage phantom bag), round studs, chic tag and of course your beloved YSL logo on front.

Countless recarnations, yes, the bag has many! One is the divine Leopard print. You can spot this Leopard trend almost everywhere, in all those big labels, from accessories to shoes to handbags and what not. The Downtown leopard print media tote on calfskin leather is one such matchless incarnation. Other than this you have the Ivory patent leather, soft suede, rustic sage canvas with leather trim, and more, all of it in stylish shape.

What does a cool girl’s guide to a perfect handbag says? Well, it’s not just the mighty size or even the almighty design; it’s not just the perfect interior; it’s the versatility. Likewise, the Downtown offers you the option of hand carry or over the shoulder, different sizes and different materials (canvas or leather). Talking about the colours, this line does not offer the bright colours but the clean-cut designs speak for itself.


Oggling or swooning over pleasure for having these super-smart Saint Laurent Downtown bags? You now have one more reason to praise for it- the ultra-spacious interior, where you can easily stuff all your necessary day-time or party essentials. Walk along the busy roads with your unique style statement carrying your cards, cash, keys, scarf, cellphone in your dear downtown.

Inside a canvas tote you will have a canvas lining and in all the variations there are side wings. These will more extra space to store more simultaneously serving the best to its design details. For better organization the top opens to a fabric interior that supports zipper and patch pockets for added security.


From Left To Right: Small, Medium
Styles Size
Saint Laurent Toy Downtown Bag 9.8’ x 3.7’ x5.3’ inches
Saint Laurent Baby Downtown Bag 14’ x 7.6’ x 4.7’ inches
Saint Laurent Small Downtown Bag 17.2’ x 8.6’ x 5.8’ inches
Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Bag 42 x 23 x 15 cm (W x H x D)

Leathers And Materials



From Left To Right: Black, Navy

From Left To Right: Hazel, Grey, Military Khaki

From Left To Right: Taupe, Powder Pink, Rose, Dark Beige, Mouse Gray, Red


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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