Prada Frame Sneakers
April 12, 2018 Vauntr

Prada Frame Sneakers

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Remember the Prada Frame Bag? Yes, it features those complex but beautiful quilting. Now you can have the quilting on a pair of sneakers. Do you want to stand-out? You like to flaunt? Or you just love quilting? Well, then take a look at these Prada Frame Sneakers.

You can’t find a more sophisticated quilting than on these Frame Sneakers. It features curvy and diagonal, it features horizontal quilting as well as vertical. You can have them in bright shades like beauty pink or plain white. Of course for those that are worried about getting their shoes dirty, you can go safe and choose the classic black. But anyways, these shoes are made in nappa leather, the side features the label’s logo in metal lettering. So are they hot or not?

Priced at $620 USD, €490 EUR, £460 GBP via Prada boutiques.

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