My Lady Dior Bag Review
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My Lady Dior Bag Review

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Dior and Luck, do these words connect? You will wonder it out loud if you have seen even a glimpse of My Lady Dior. Yes! We’re definitely talking about a designer handbag here, a handbag that speaks to you in a sign language of omens and charms. A spin off of the Dior’s classic handbag, My lady Dior is a customized version like no other.

Back in 19s when you were so deeply in love with the Lady Dior, you didn’t know that it would return in a totally new style. My lady Dior, debuted in Cruise 2017 is said to be the makeover of the previous lady Dior; with fantabulous traits like detachable strap and 40+ customized charms that speaks about you. Can you believe it! The reason behind the lucky charms is the superstitious nature of Mr. Dior, as he always believed in luck and charms.


Adding a fun element to any classic design doesn’t hurt, and so is the deal with My lady Dior. Three lucky charms can be customized all as per your desires, on the leather strap. The bag comes with 40+ different badges to choose from, you can have alphabets, to bees to Dior’s essentials, you can purchase three badges of luck. You can have it in a variety of colours, each badge giving a personalized outlook to an individual My lady Dior. So it’s basically, your My lady, Can any handbag get more interesting!

This time you have an adjustable leather strap and it’s totally detachable too, you can carry it cross body, on shoulder or as a clutch. The overall style is elegant and extremely feminine along with the lovely charms. The My Lady Dior Bag is basically the same design as the original ones; it features the iconic Cannage Stitching, the nice round handles and the smooth DIOR charm. It’s a small but super chic bag and the new customizable strap add a playful touch to it.


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You might have seen the troublesome top opening zipper of the Lady Dior, but in My Lady you would see a front flap that is easily accessible. It’s a timeless and classic treasure from Dior’s fashion house with its signature cannage stitching that you have been looking for.

The interior allows you to be truly comfortable as there is no hassle of zipper. There’s a single compartment lined in leather, often of a contrasting color. The inside is compact that lets you store your everyday essentials like cash, cellphone, cards and keys all in one place


Small Size

The measurements: 20 x 17 x 9 cm

Leathers And Materials



From Left To Right: Black, Red, Pink

From Left To Right: Grey, Blue, Yellow, Navy, Silver, Gold

Dior Charms


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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