Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag Review
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Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag Review

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Never before, we were so madly infatuated with the little trunk like silhouettes, until now. Until the Fall Winter 2014 collection of Louis Vuitton stepped in, bringing a design so rare! Paying homage to the brand’s heritage of manufacturing trunks, the Petite Malle has got the iconic status of the next “It-Bag”. The name “Petite Malle” depicts “small trunk” in English, and this exceptional beauty is inspired by the trunk bags decades ago.

The story goes back to 1854, when a sixteen year old Louis Vuitton started his journey as a trunk-maker, the first pieces of today’s luggage. The design was quite an innovation with an even top and canvas as opposed to hide, this was the time when Louis Vuitton introduced his canvas to the city of Paris. As the years passed, Nicolas Ghesquiere debuted Fall Winter 2014 runaway in March, giving each model a mini trunk (Petite Malle) and thus paying a tribute to the Louis Vuitton rich heritage.

After over 160 years later, the timeless trunk silhouette became an instant obsession of many, sitting atop of every handbag collection. Renowned ones like Christian Dior and Charles Aznavour were used these travel trunks as an inspiration in their collection; it was like their own treasure trove.

Recall the Marry Poppins and the Russian Dolls, the designer here got enlivened by the idea and wanted a constant transformation trait in these Petite Malle bag, so this was introduced in manifold styles and sizes. If we go back to the early 20th century, than these handbags are also inspired by the trunks that were especially created for a regal banker Albert khan, and were personalized with his signature 3 white crosses.


Drool over the dapper design; the removable leather shoulder strap, shiny hardware including studs, magnetic closure and striking S-lock, the iconic 3x depicting 3 white crosses, the boxy trunk-like silhouette and embellishments like leather trim stripes and sophisticated corner adorned with studs at every face of this boxy Petite Malle is breathtaking! Shoulder strap is all the more functional, you can use it cross body or as a shoulder bag, or it can also be detached completely to be used as your one-off evening clutch.

Off course, there had to be exotic varieties if we’re talking about an iconic Louis Vuitton handbag! Petite Malle Bag, here, is usually crafted in iconic Monogram canvas, classic Trianon canvas, Epi leather, Damier Canvas, the breathtaking Metallic Epi leather and the trim comes in Epi leather with metallic hardware. The handbag do comes in a variety of hues like red, gold, silver, black, pivoine, pink and some lovely printed patterns.

For those of us who are a die-hard fan of handcrafted pieces, this piece is surely a paradise! A single handbag is crafted by a skilled artisan like a masterpiece, involving hundreds of operations. The bag’s body, in luxurious leathers (Epi, lambskin, crocodile and sometimes in its trademark- monogram canvas, etc.) is attached to a boxy wooden frame before that the lining is fitted and brass hardware is fitted.

The Petite Malle has become so popular that in Spring 2017, it’s all design details are ingrained in a newly launched Etui Case for iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. The bag’s signature canvas, lock and gorgeous trim details are now in a modified iPhone case.


Your little trunk-like handbag opens to reveal a super soft lambskin leather lining that’s enough for your day to day essentials, lip balm, iPhone charger, card holder, a few credit cards in that inside patch pocket and some cash. Wear it for dinner, casual outings, dressy occasions and if there’s some yearly formal event about to come than this would serve as your perfect statement piece.


One Size

The measurement: 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches (L x H x W)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Monogram Canvas

From Left To Right: Damier Ebene Canvas

From Left To Right: Reversed Monogram Canvas

From Left To Right: Monogram Flower

From Left To Right: Calfskin

From Left To Right: Epi

From Left To Right: Animal Motif

From Left To Right: Crocodile

From Left To Right: Python


From Left To Right: Epi; Noir

From Left To Right: Epi; Red

From Left To Right: Epi; White

From Left To Right: Epi; Noir Electric

From Left To Right: Epi; Pivoine

From Left To Right: Epi; Pink

From Left To Right: Epi; Multicolor

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; Fuchsia

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; Nacre

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; Rose

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; Corail

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; Argent

From Left To Right: Studded Epi; 9MZ


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Mix Gold Silver, S-Lock inspired by Parisian Monuments

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