Louis Vuitton Lockit Hoop Earrings
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Louis Vuitton Lockit Hoop Earrings

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The vital piece of almost every Louis Vuitton handbag – the Lockit. The Padlock and the Key are also called the two iconic codes of the house. There is a huge historical story about the design and the use. The first-time Louis Vuitton has used the Lockit was back in 1901, in which it was incorporated into the Steamer bag. Now you can wear them on your ears. Meet the Louis Vuitton Lockit Hoop Earrings.

Louis Vuitton Lockit Hoop Earrings; bolded

The Design

The Lockit Hoop Earrings echo the universal ‘lovelocks’ tradition. As the legend was told – a padlock was attached to the railing of bridges before throwing away the key into the water will seal the love forever. This story perfectly matches to the Lockit Fine Jewelry Line.

One hoop is attached to the padlock. The padlock is crafted with one of LV’s iconic symbol and inside it features the LV signature logo. The second hoop is attached to the key.

These items are not just padlock and keys; they have been made with precious gems like 19kt white gold and diamonds.

The Prices

The inner diameter of the hoop measures 11 mm, priced at $4850 USD, $5750 CAD, €3900 EUR, £3650 GBP, $39500 HKD, ¥642600 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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