Louis Vuitton Fiancee Pump
January 23, 2018 Vauntr

Louis Vuitton Fiancee Pump

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The highly feminine Louis Vuitton Financee Pump is a dangerous weapon. It got the heels to steal or crush any man’s heart. And the name of this shoe is quite funny, don’t you think? Financee, does that makes you think of something?

The Design

The Fiancee is a high-heeled pump. It’s made with patent leather to attract the so-many-eyes in the room, and that while the calfskin leather increases the durability of the shoe. The bottom is finished with leather outsole, to make walking more comfortable and easier. But that’s not the most important part. The style is! The toe is made with a distinctive almond-shape and it’s refined with the LV Circle Knot Accessory. This logo is what’s going to help you flaunt, effortlessly.

The Size And Prices

The heels are measured 4.2’ inch, priced at €590 EUR, £560 GBP via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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