Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag Review
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Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag Review

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For those who loves to parade around with a statement bag, your favourite Louis Vuitton has released a marvellous shoulder bag for day to day in spring/summer 2017 collection. It’s compact, it’s body-friendly and it adds a playful touch to your wardrobe, what it is? It’s the Croisette bag!

Do you remember that Louis Vuitton’s famous Damier Canvas, which was brought into picture in 1888 and relaunched in 1996? These special check patterns dominated almost the entire collection of the brand and now, the Louis Vuitton Croisette bag also falls in this category. With Damier canvas, the bag has the timeless trait and subtle elegance of the brand. With a shape like Micheal Kors eva, it features the minor posh details, matchless functions, removable tassel design, multiple carrying options and little pleats at the sides.

Have you seen a tiny bag totally multifunctional in nature? Well, this is the one. The Louis Vuitton Croisette bag is a fresh and crispy design that you would never find elsewhere. And if you need a bag for travel and everyday errands, than this is your perfect choice.


What makes this piece ridiculously rare? The answer is its extra playful nature and fun element- the adorable boho chic tassel (that is removable too) of leather at the sides. Its that one trait which depicts the refined craftsmanship and incredible artistry of Louis Vuitton. Along with it comes the Damier pattern (the iconic checks pattern), short vachetta top handle, which is truly convenient, a detachable long shoulder strap (that is super comfy!), gleaming hardware and a gorgeous LV push lock.

In the culture of designer handbags, this chic tote is extremely versatile; kudos to its adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry this practical bag over the shoulder, as a crossbody or it can also be hand held. This Croisette is brimming with sophistication, flawless design and all the classic qualities from the brand. Although the bag is perfect for everyday use, some might find it troublesome to get in and out of this bag and access their stuff (offcourse if they are used to of the open totes).


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Thanks to the Louis Vuitton’s smart craftsmanship, it’s interior is as practical as its exterior. Don’t believe? Well, let’s take a sneak peek inside; here you will see a large compartment, a flat pocket and humongous space for your belongings. Store what may come to your mind, i phone, mini pochette, sun glasses, zippy coin purse and more, lock it and see the magic! The lock functions seamlessly and smooth as long as there is stuff in your bag.

Also, the smaller look might deceive you if you don’t go for truth! The Croisette looks smaller than your Pochette Metis bag, but it’s quite deep in reality, thus fitting quite everything you need comfortably. Some might also say that a Louis Vuitton Croisette bag fits lesser than the Pochette Metis, but if you try to be a minimalist and store only what you need, than there will be no worries about this issue.

Talking about the cons, the handle of the bag sticks up, but for some, it might turn to a big –big advantage. The handle now becomes too easier and handy to use if it sticks out just in front of your eyes.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The measurements: 9.8’ x 6.7’ x 3.5’ inches (L x H x W)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Damier Ebene Canvas, Damier Azur Canvas

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