Hermes Shoe Maintenance Kit
January 17, 2018 Vauntr

Hermes Shoe Maintenance Kit

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Look what we’ve found, you will love it. There is more story to tell than the brush and care cream to lighten-up your shoes. So meet the Hermes Shoe Maintenance Kit, which is not something you see everyday. And here’s why:

The Design

This Hermes Shoe Care Kit comes with a pouch in technical canvas with ‘Ex Libris’ detail. It’s crafted in calfskin. Whenever we look at this pouch, we continuously to think about something else, something quite similar. Let’s see..

Oh yes, the Hermes Bolide Pouch. Although it’s not really the same pouch, they do lookalike a lot. The shape, the design as well as the round logo on the front, it’s look quite the same. So if you are going to for this Maintenance Kit, you will not only get the brush, care cream and the shoehorn to clean your shoes. But you will also get the pouch as an addition. A good deal right?

The Prices

Priced at $680 USD via Hermes boutiques.

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