Hermes Pop H Earrings
January 3, 2018 Vauntr

Hermes Pop H Earrings

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Specially designed for the modern woman or the city girl, here are some gorgeous Hermes Pop H Earrings. They are playful, colorful and most importantly fashionable. So do you have them on your wish list?

The Design

The H for Hermes is cut-out for the signature look. But it’s cleverly made in a circle-form. The colors of these earrings are crafted with lacquer and there are plenty of different choices. Which color and which hardware do you like?

The most difficult decision is the choosing. You can pick white with silver hardware or black in rose gold hardware or even orange with gold or silver hardware. The combination is endless.

The Prices

These earrings are priced at £280 GBP, €330 EUR.

More Colors And Images

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