Hermes Passant Wallet Review
July 30, 2017 Vauntr

Hermes Passant Wallet Review

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Is this the newbie wizard that stepped in the miraculous house of Hermes, just out of the blue! Yup, you will surely comply with this statement you have ever known the Hermes Passant wallet. In actuality this is a wallet inside wallet, akin to those box-inside-box magic tricks.

Newly born in the year 2016, this Passant wallet has been a rare find of Hermes fashion house in a dime a dozen handbags. Like all those Hermes bags, this too was scarce, but now you can easily find these wallets in some seasonal and newfangled colors. You can also carry this Hermes wallet as a stylish evening clutch too. And, the best part? This Passant, featuring a minimalistic design, simple Hermes logo and flap- loop pattern also comes with the most functional interior you has ever seen!


Interest piqued? Let’s now dive in the details of a Hermes Passant wallet’s design. In a way to secure your wallet, the flap is simply tucked inside the front leather loop. Like all those Hermes leather goodies, this one is also pricey, but not as much if we compare it to Bearn, Constance or Kelly wallets. If you are going to compare these, than you will definitely choose a Passant wallet over all of them. Fresh colors like Rouge Grenat, Feu and Bleu Agate are available, unlike the previous version of orange and black.

Oh! And don’t forget the exotic leathers like Evercolor calfskin in which you can find a Passant wallet now, before it was only available in Epsom. Also, it’s available in two sizes; the Passant Compact wallet and the Passant Long wallet.

Interior & Sizes

Now, let’s play around with the wallets interior. It doesn’t typically look like a wallets-inside-a-wallet, but hey, it is! So basically, there are three parts of this wallet, three individual parts which you can either use all-in-one or as an individual wallet. The Passant has two leather pieces inside it, one comes with card slots and the other is a zip purse. In the first you can carry your important cards and in the other you can stash your money or put some coins for change.

As we know that there are two sizes, its a no-brainer that each size comes with a different dimension. Whereas the Passant Long wallet is rectangular in silhouette, has a dimension of 20.5cm by 9.5cm and has 6 card slots, the Passant Compact is somewhat square of 14.5cm by 9cm with 4 card slots.



Styles Size
Hermes Small Passant Wallet 14.5 x 9 cm
Hermes Medium Passant Wallet 20.5 x 9.5 cm

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Epsom, Evercolor


From Left To Right: Rouge Grenat, Feu, Blue Agate


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