Hermes Oxer Bag Review
July 19, 2017 Vauntr

Hermes Oxer Bag Review

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It was so dreamy; the instant this shoulder bag was delightfully portrayed in Harpers Bazar in all its snow-white glory we fell in love with its one-of-a-kind shape and that double handle character. Best part? With its humongous space, snap-hook strap and four handles, the Hermes Oxer is akin to a 35cm Birkin, so naturally if you are on for that much space, you will certainly keep Hermes Oxer Bag as your next choice.

Just take a look back on history and you will feel overwhelmed by this horse saddle inspired bag. Yes! The Hermes Oxer Bag is a saddle-style piece of art, besides, it’s not just your day-to-day leather goody, it’s a travel duffle bag (with its original design’s span as large as 15’’). Originally introduced in the Hermes Spring Summer 2014 fashion runaway, this Oxer also appeared in crocodile skins and more comfy sizes.

As we all are well aware with Hermes, we are aware of its signature craftsmanship, lush style and extremely high quality; crazily we know what is Hermes and what is not. And the Hermes Oxer just shouts Hermes immortal attributes through its skin, minimalistic approach, horse-saddle like pattern and arrow stitched straps.


As this thing floated down the runaway, we found its super-slouchy super-flexible shape, matchless. It’s like your unique open tote to flaunt around the town with its subtle design and exclusive flavour. In the colors like black, brown, bamboo green, fauve and white, and created with the materials like lush Crocodile leather, Veau Evergrain, Barenia Calfskin and Taurillon Clemence, this masterpiece will just take your breath away. Although the exterior is leather, it’s interior is made in canvas fabric.

Executing the getting-to-know-this-bag-process, we would be welcomed by a shoulder strap attached via links, Balenciaga like handles and the double-stitched patterns on the sides and bottom. This bag will totally understand your need for a hands-free action, the extra shoulder strap is exclusively if your poor hands are fed up. Moreover, the design is neither exaggerating nor too subtle; the straps are stitched in a unique arrow-style just in front, rendering a peculiar style to this Hermes Oxer. Can you imagine anything more graceful!


Are you Kelly owner, who’s having a hard time to transfer your things to some other designer handbag? If its the truth that you can’t get a big-sized bag in comparison to Kelly than just take a look of Oxer’s interior, it’s way more than you have imagined! Being an everyday or a travel bag it has a huge storing capacity, you can tote around all your big bulky essentials in this thing. It comes with a canvas interior along with wall patch pockets at both sides. Though some people might disagree with its highly priced tag and also dislike it’s bottom-buckle property when overstuffed, it’s still Hermes, so you might consider it.


The Measurement: 14’ x 8.5’ x 6’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Evergrain, Crocodile Nilo


From Left To Right: Black, Green, Brown, Gris

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