Hermes Nomade Leather Earrings
March 22, 2018 Vauntr

Hermes Nomade Leather Earrings

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Did you know there are leather earrings at Hermes? Yes, these Hermes Nomade Earrings are crafted from real leathers, the same material used in bags! And we think it’s because Hermes is great at making stylish leathers, so why not create earrings with it.

The Design

The Nomade Earrings come in different leathers. You can choose Barenia Calfskin leather or even Box Calfskin leather. If you think again about the shape and the studs on the leather, it looks like horse’s shoes. The horse’s shoes represent the history of the label, which roots back when it started creating and selling saddles before making handbags. The craftsmanship have bee

The Prices

Priced at €865 EUR, £790 GBP via Hermes boutiques

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