Hermes Leather Loop Earrings
February 6, 2018 Vauntr

Hermes Leather Loop Earrings

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Behind every piece of Hermes earrings, there is a hidden story. For example, the Chain D’Ancre Earrings that we’ve recently talked about. It was inspired by one of the founder’s ideas. And now the Hermes Leather Loop Earrings might appear to be simple, maybe too simple. But let just dive in and look beyond the look.

The Design

What’s Hermes famous for? For their luxurious and expensive leathers. So a pair of Loop Earrings might be too simple and easy, so Hermes decided to add something small but unique to it. They covered the bottom part with leather, one of their best leather – Swift Calfskin. This type of leather is well-known for crafting iconic handbags like Birkin and Kelly.

Now the Leather Loop Earrings can be playful as well, because they come in variation of colors. So now you can pick your favorite shade. What’s more? There are also versions available to wear the Leather Loop as necklace. The only disappointment is the high-price-tag. But is it worth your investment? Let us know in the comment section.

The Prices

The earrings are priced at $670 USD, €610 EUR, £560 GBP via Hermes boutiques

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