Hermes Kelly Wallets Review
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Hermes Kelly Wallets Review

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Two words : Hermes Kelly, are madly coveted by the Hermes devotees. And if we add ‘wallet’ as a suffix to these words than the fans are all the more blessed with the Hermes Kelly Wallet! Yesteryear has brought to us, an immortal creation that was inspired by an American actress and Monégasque princess. Grace Kelly, in order to conceal her pregnant belly from the nosy paparazzi, put forward this bag, and thus the Hermes Kelly was named after her, in the year 1956. Much after that Hermes created this Hermes Kelly Wallet enlivened by the previous version.

Being a die-hard Hermes fan, even when blindfolded, one can feel the Kelly vibes through this wallet; the iconic Kelly turnlock, the exotic leather and the compact structure. Walk in the room with this elegant piece of Hermes luxury, all eyes glued on you. This is Hermes French fashion house at its best, putting forward its most terrific design, the ideal craftsmanship and the streamlined line-up.

You are troubled by the sky-high prices of Constance wallet Bag and also its gigantic size, but still, being a Hermes girl you just want a Hermes bag and no other ordinary piece. So, what to do now? Simple, just pass the buck to the iconic Kelly collection and select the attraction-meets-functionality wallet – a Hermes Kelly wallet.


We’ve had our fair share of handbag obsessions and the classic Kelly has been in our mind since forever. Akin to the classic version, you are blessed with all the Kelly-elements in a whole new adorable shape. The wallet has a compact, sleek and rectangular silhouette with your beloved Kelly turn lock secured with leather straps from both sides. The ever-stylish frontal flap is secured and tucked in these straps and turn lock, so you can just tell how secure your cash and cards are!

Like a cherry on top, the shiny platinum or silver hardware compliments the surface texture, though the design is minimalistic, the Kelly pattern has reached a cult status in fashion history. At the first glimpse of your Kelly and Constance wallet, you might be in a misconception that the Constance will fit slightly more, though both of these feature the same height, width and size. But, Surprise-surprise! Just open the Kelly wallet and you’ll be happy as a clam, It’s deeper and roomier than you’ve ever imagined!

Moreover, you’ll find two styles in Kelly wallets; one opens like a tri fold and other is like a long accordion pattern in a lot more seasonal colors. Everything comes with it’s pros and cons and so is this Hermes accessory, let’s take a look at its limitations too. Firstly, the opening can be a tad bit cumbersome, especially if you are stuck in a long line, people are all behind you and you just can’t open your wallet quickly and pay your cashier, quite embarrassing, isn’t it? Secondly, some believe that the protruding lock system might dent your bag’s surface.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

A lock on the interior zipper compartment? We mean, literally have you ever seen that! Yes, you heard it all right, Hermes Kelly wallet has a lock system in its interior zipper compartment. Cheers! As now your cash is in safe hands. It’s interior is a little treat to a Kelly girl; with 12 credit slots, central zip purse with a lock pull-tab and 2 pockets for bills you’ve got a great evening clutch. Cap! Get this muted wallet in some crazy pop hues to flaunt at your dinner party.


From Left To Right: Short Wallet, Long Wallet

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Styles Size
Hermes Short Kelly Wallet 4.1’ x 6.1’ inches
Hermes Long Kelly Wallet 4.5’ x 7.7’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Epsom, Mysore Goatskin, Chevre


From Left To Right: Black, Blue Hydra

From Left To Right: Gold, Etoupe, Blue Agate

From Left To Right: Blue Zephyr, Fire Orange, Rose Lipstick, Blue Paon, Blue Zanzibar, Blue Electrique


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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