Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag Review
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Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag Review

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Fell in love with Hermes’s magical Kelly a few weeks ago? Then here’s a more refined handbag, once again from Hermes fashion house which would cut the mustard for you. News to you! Isn’t it?

“Sometimes we don’t get stuff that we really really dream about all day long, but get it later in a more new, fresh and shiny incarnation” It seems like the most deluxe and classy brand – Hermes, surely chimes with this pearl of wisdom, we witnessed it the second Hermes launched its Kelly Lakis Bag, back in 2006. Before, people were miraculously hypnotized by the charisma of Kelly handbags, which was a high-end design for Birkin handbag, just with a single top handle and coming in a variety of skins as well as sizes. And at the very minute, what we saw; an over-classy-cum-convenient version of Kelly bags- Hermes Kelly Lakis.

Take a Kelly bag in a bowl, mesh it with two external pockets, add some over-stylish zippers, add a spoonful of casuality and sporty vibe along with a briefcase outlook, and Bam! You get a new version of Kelly handbag, i.e, your Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag that’s cool beyond belief.


Being much of a muchness, both these bags are akin to a great level. Just take the case of its silhouette, it’s a trapezium enclosed with a lacing of thick leather straps all around the top of the bag. It also has the same leather top handle. The front flap open up with that kinch pattern strap that you could easily lock up again with the lock and a key. Similar to the Kelly bag, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your keys as you can carry them in style along with your handbag; a little clochette hangs just in front with it’s adorable style. There are four feet at the bottom, made up of three layers of leather, to keep its surface clean and to make it stand upright, your things won’t fall down! And that’s a big-big plus.

It’s an excellent mingle of style and practicality, you’ll know if you recall the basic difference between the two, two exterior pocket just in front! And of course they are bigger, without having to open the bag the lazy ones can cozy up their cellphones, cards and more urgent stuff with a greased lightning speed. To your surprise, the exterior pockets will never bulge out, hence, never ruining your style. Talking about the style, are we! The stunning tie-shaped zippers and the centrally pleated style are to die for!

All of these are compiled with a great degree of comfort. Exclusively for your convenience, there’s a wider shoulder strap, in case you find the bag heavy or want to be hands free. You must have seen some pendulum style strap on some bags, fortunately it’s not like these nerve wracking shoulder straps. It secures your bag from the sides and is comfortable to wear.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes handbags aren’t something down for a count; they’ll never ditch you and so is the case of Kelly Lakis Bag. Though it costs an arm and a leg, it’s worth an investment with its leather interior, patch pockets at one side and a quite-big zipper compartment at the other side.


From Left To Right: Size 32, 35

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Hermes Kelly Lakis 32 Bag 12.5’ x 9’ x 4.5’ (L x H x D) inches
Hermes Kelly Lakis 35 Bag 12.75’ x 8.5’ x 4.75’ (L x H x D) inches

Leathers And Materials



From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Purple



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