Hermes Kelly And Birkin Amulette Bracelet
February 13, 2018 Vauntr

Hermes Kelly And Birkin Amulette Bracelet

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What’s a better gift than an iconic fashion piece around your wrist? The Hermes Kelly and Birkin are available as an Amulette Bracelet. The Hermes Kelly and Birkin Bags are one of the most-sought after handbag and is known for their limited supply. If you can’t find one, then maybe you can settle for an Amulette version – temporarily of course.

The Design

The Kelly and the Birkin need no introduction and these amulette’s are crafted exactly the same but then in a much smaller sizes. The prices are quite steep and with the same investment, you might be able to get a new iconic bag. But then again, if your pockets are as steep as the Mariana Trench, then it’s a good investment for your Hermes collection. There are different styles available in silver and gold hardware. Some of them are refined with diamond pieces (girl’s best friends). Now what do you think?

The Prices

Depending on the type, some are made with diamonds, the price ranges from $7100 USD to as high as $10800 USD. Available via Hermes boutique or online store.

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