Hermes Halzan Bag Review
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Hermes Halzan Bag Review

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Feast your eyes on that new member of Hermes handbag, which has crossed the heights of versatility. For real! Can any bag be that multi talented? Off course, it has to be Hermes! This Hermes beauty is a four-way bag, you can carry it as a messenger bag, tote bag with long or short straps and finally as a clutch bag. What’s more? This functionality- meets- modesty tote comes in soft and durable Clemence bull calfskin, gorgeous belt-buckle detail, fold over flap and a dynamic shoulder strap.

Born in the early summer, this Halzan was borned in Hermes Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Being Hermes, its design is extremely down-to-earth. No bragging about its luxurious fashion house, no flashy or oversized logo at the back or in front, and all in all there’s no need to compete. Everybody who’s stalking Hermes from childhood will instantly get that the Halzan is from this brand, all because of its impeccable craftsmanship by top-trained artisans and lush leather skins.

Turning to be a classic these days, this leather goodness is amongst the most sought-after lines from the French fashion house Hermes. The heavy and durable calfskin that was a then trend in the 80s has become a selling point for this handbag. Not only has it rendered a slouchy trait to the Halzan but it also very beneficial to women.


Wear this Hermes Halzan in four unique ways; unfold the flap to get your gigantic shopping companion, fold it and close the buckle to get a perfect clutch for your dinner party, attach the shoulder strap for a hands free action in a messenger style or just shorten the strap to get your cute little shoulder bag. Isn’t life a breeze with this handbag?

A shakeup – that’s what Hermes has always been! It’s the epitome of innovation, and the Halzan is no exception. Just look at its two stirrup-shaped handles on a foldable flap, and you would instantly be conscious of what we are talking about. Furthermore, the design boasts palladium plated hardware, a larger-than-the-waist length shoulder strap and two pockets on front and back both for added space.

Medium size comes in Clemence leather and the adorable mini you will find in swift leather. This streamlined pattern comes in a variety of tints and shades; like gold blanc, ebene, bleau saphir etoupe, etain, rouge, Rouge casaque, white, etc.


With the supreme injection of luxury, this tote-cum-clutch-cum-messenger is further privileged with a compact leather interior along with a flat pocket. Stuff your belongings without much care of space in this convertible Hermes Halzan bag and get ready for a newfangled adventure!


From Left To Right: Mini (22), Medium (31)

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Hermes Mini Halzan 22 Bag 22 x 15 x 6.5 cm
Hermes Halzan 31 Bag 31 x 20 x 10 cm

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Clemence, Swift


From Left To Right: Black, Orange, Rouge Grenat, Blue, Poppy Orange, Blue Zanzibar

From Left To Right: Blue Agate, Cuivre, Blue Paon, Zephyr Blue, Rouge Tomate, Chick Yellow

From Left To Right: Rose Eglantine, Craie

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