Hermes Egee Clutch Review
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Hermes Egee Clutch Review

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‘Thalassic’- Yes! That’s the most apt word for Hermes’s Handbags, which are the greatest thing since sliced breads, especially among those who believe in fashion. Those obedient followers, who are stalking practically each and every detail of Hermes website, since ages, surely empathize with the idea of this luxuries fashion house being associated with everything Thalassic or should we say, everything related to the sea. Isn’t the trait truly incredible! Similar is the deal with the admirable Egee clutch by Hermes.

Are you some random Cinderella, who’s keen to go out on a ball, or in modern era we must say evening party, you want everything close to perfect. The perfect night-out dress, the perfect glass slippers, and offcourse, a perfect clutch! This is the moment in need for a perfect clutch that pulls you like a magnet towards this graceful chic Hermes Egee clutch that is your perfect accessory. Oh! And it comes with an easier magnetic snap closure that’s hard to find.

Brought into picture in 2011, this cylindrical compact clutch boasts a clasp named as Chaine d’ Ancre. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s enlivened by the idea of ship’s anchor and was later used as a design to create jewels by Hermes. During 1931 to 1938, the brand launched its manifold collections inspired by Chaine d’ Ancre, and undoubtedly these all were a part of Hermes’ timeless classics. There’s a fascinating story behind the introduction of Brand’s Bracelet, introduced by Designer Robert Dumas, back in 1938, after visiting seashore.

Being a visionary of Hermes, Dumas invented the Chaine d’ Ancre bracelet. At seaside, he admired the chain anchor of a moored boat and included it in his designs. Chaine d’ Ancre, soon became the iconic symbol of Hermes fine Jewelary, and is treasured by people at a large scale.


Never consider yourself as a star-crossed in the fashion game, as the Egee Clutch is the one thing that’ll help you win. Behold this minimalistic beauty for a moment; you’ll have a cute rounded cylinder clutch with your iconic Chaine d’ Ancre design elements. You won’t find a bi-color or different hues in this clutch; rather, it’s created in single colors. The centre is adorned by a large chain design inspired by the anchor chain as you already know. One thing that you’ll find extremely easy is its magnetic closure, without much effort you can simply snap on and snap off the clutch.

To put this matter in a nutshell, the overall design is elegant, minimalistic as well timeless. It’s easier to match with any of your evening dress and especially if you want to add a pop touch to your whole black or subtle colored ensemble. The clutch just fits so right in your hand and is fantabulous with your skirts and dresses.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The interior is apt for your late-night dinner party, neither less nor more. It’s like your party clutch that doesn’t have a huge roomy interior but is enough to carry your small purse, cash, keys and lip-gloss in its single compartment. Not to forget those two patch pockets that holds your, credit card, Id, travel and other cards.
Is there any scope of it being carried in casual occasions? Yup, of course, it is! If you’re wearing a tunic and skinny jeans, basically a printed tunic will be righteously complimented by this single colored accessory. And also the neutral shades of scarves and denim jeans would go well with your Egee Clutch.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The measurements: 10’ x 4’ x 2’ (L x H x D) inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Evercolor Calfskin, Veau Evergrain, Veau Tadelakt, Niloticus Crocodile Shiney


From Left To Right: Black, Light Blue

From Left To Right: Ocean Blue, Dark Blue, Green

From Left To Right: Yellow, Pink, Brown, Red, Rose, Purple Niloticus Crocodile Shiney


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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