Hermes Double Sens Bag Review
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Hermes Double Sens Bag Review

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Have you peaked into your cupboard and wished it to be of Narnia’s, the one leading you to the world full of handbags. Coming back from the world of dreams, you just want to add some more uniqueness to your handbag collection, don’t you! The easiest platform for your bag reveries is Hermes, precisely its Double Sens that was showcased in Fall 2010. It’s super-lightweight! It’s hands-on! Its reversible! And what’s more? This shopper tote is perfectly “under the radar” for your everyday wear.

Shopper totes has always been flawless trend as Phoebe Philo introduced a one-of-kind tote for Celine brand. And now you can see the Hermes Double Sens, designed by Pierre-Alexis Dumas. This Hermes magic was designed giving a thought to all the essence of this luxurious brand; minimalistic approach, lush feel of leather, practicality and most importantly – the innovative craftsmanship, you can’t just ignore the classy stitch patterns. One can’t deny this bag’s capability to run in the league of classics.


Imagine if you could just conjure a perfect shopping tote! Which functions like a reversible bag with two colours on both the sides, just switch on to a different colour as per your mood-swings. Earned a little gold star! Haven’t we? With this amazing Hermes Double Sens tote that has impeccable leather you would feel the same. Though it comes in a variety of materials like Sikkim, Croco chiffon and Clemence, for everyday uses it has classic calfskin and for exclusive clientele it has crocodile version. Moreover, with a timeless design, you would find this bag in total three sizes; 36 cm, 45 cm and Maxi.

There’s nothing to not like about its subtle design features; the simple square silhouette, slouchy shape, double strap curvy-style handles, sophisticated contrast stitch and the double envelope style base that’s narrower. These traits are just born to suit your every single style.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

This shape-shifting tote has one large compartment that’s damn easy to just put whatever you wish to, being born for all busy crowds, who don’t believe in organising stuff. The interior is spacious so it’s like a cosy home-sweet-home for all your belongings.

You might or might not get a big fan of it’s squishy-puddly-soft nature as the Double Sens is a totally unstructured bag, you just won’t find anything better! But, if you put in something with all other stuff in one single compartment and do think that it’s gone forever in some parallel dimension or a black hole, you just can’t find it; just use an inserter or organizer. You can use the bag for travel, shopping or even in office (off course, if you love subtle-meets-slouchy combo).


From Left To Right: Size 36, 45

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Style code Size
Hermes Double Sens 36 Bag 36 x 28 x 27 cm (L x H x D)
Hermes Double Sens 45 Bag 45 x 34 x 13 cm (L x H x D)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Clemence, Swift, Sikkim, Mississippiensis Alligator Matte


From Left To Right: Navy, Prune, Atoll Blue

From Left To Right: Jaipur Pink, Peony Red, Blood Orange, Turquoise


From Left To Right: Blue, Rose, Etain, Brown, Yellow Curry, Green

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