Hermes Constance Wallet Review
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Hermes Constance Wallet Review

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Bygone days hush up a lot many secrets, so does that mean it also withhold the famous Constance saga! Of course! It has to be. Who doesn’t want a truly iconic and timeless wallet as their next wardrobe addition? And that too from Hermes, every Hermes lover knows about Constance bags as these are the most-loved bag from this brand. Derived straight from this classic line, the Hermes Constance wallet is like a xerox copy of Constance bags, except that it’s a wallet not a handbag. Complete with immortal craftsmanship from Hermes, compact structure, minimalistic character, great capacity, bold nature and also the signature “H” clasp, this Constance wallet was introduced much later than the previous version.

The Constance tale is too popular and well, too deep to go. Showcased in the year 1959, the bag was named after the fifth child of the designer Catherine Chaillet, it is said that – the day the first Constance left the Hermes fashion house, the same day she gave birth to her child. The Constance was also equally popular among the celebrity world, for instance it’s seen with celebrities like Jackie O.

Did you know the fact, that each Constance bag takes a maximum time of 14 hours to be created! It’s rarity and craft make the bag more special. Not only that, but you can easily tote this elegant design with many looks whether its evening or formal.


The ‘H’ icon in the centre is the most striking feature of a Hermes Constance wallet and the hardware options add five stars to this emblem. You are blessed with palladium, silver, gold and also enamel (what about enamel in bright colors!) hardware along with some up-to-the-minute colors. This large sophisticated logo is not just for the sake of brand, but it’s functional too! Yup, in actuality this frontal H is a closure of a Constance wallet, through which the front flap is inserted.

Pretty things never come with a low-cost and this Constance is no exception, this Hermes beauty costs more than your Kelly wallet. You wonder why? Well, by putting our feet in Hermes’s shoe, the cost looks truly righteous; you won’t be finding such timeless things with any other wallet. The intricate detailing of the bold H logo, the impeccable craftsmanship as well as the lush leather justifies its cost. And also, already know that Hermes Constance is based on specialization; each piece is the innovative hard work of individual artisans.

Interior & Sizes

The wallet that makes us giddy all the time, comes with a handy cross-grained interior in accordion style. It’s partitioned and features card slots and a zipper compartment for your cards, cash, keys and coins. Like a cherry on top, the long size boasts a total of 12 card slots, a zipped change purse, two flat pockets and one external pocket to stuff more and more. Not to forget, that it weighs more, store much and is bigger than your Kelly wallet.
Do the two closing straps drive you nuts and you can’t use a Kelly on an everyday basis? Consider this perfect evening compact just made for you. On top of that, you don’t have to bear with a turn lock that disrupts the leather by digging in it again and again. It’s super easy to go in and out of this wallet, and access your lip-gloss or ready cash.

Hermes Constance Short Wallet
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Constance Long Wallet
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile


Styles Size
Hermes Constance Short Wallet 4.6’ x 7’ inches
Hermes Constance Long Wallet 8’ x 5’ x 1’ inches (L x H x D)


Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Epsom, Tadelakt, Shiny Mississippiensis Alligator, Ostrich



From Left To Right: Black, Rouge Grenade, Rouge Casaque, Blue Paon


From Left To Right: Rose Jaipur, Mangue, Purple, Black Shiny Mississippiensis Alligator



From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Colored, Lizard


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