Hermes Cherche Midi Bag Review
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Hermes Cherche Midi Bag Review

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You would certainly fail to shake off this adorable buddy from your head if you ever saw this Hermes Cherche Midi, and well, it’s a promise. It’s one-off design features, a curvy frontal flap that is attached to your iconic Chaine d’ Ancre link for closure. Remember the sea-inspired Chaine d’ Ancre! It’s the classic collection of Hermes that has been inspired from the ship’s chain anchor and was used to create jewels. Since then the symbol is a Hermes classic element.

In the Hermes Spring Summer 2015 runway show, it was first showcased, and since then the Cherche Midi has been assembled the Hermes classics. The bag was named after a street in the Left bank, located in the city of Paris. Boasting an adjustable shoulder strap, this new statement maker can be your new fantasy and who knows? Maybe a new summer crush!

If you’re troubled by the bumpy and bulky Kelly cut than you can opt for this structural clutch-cum-shoulder bag. And also, as an added bonus, its price is lesser than your Hermes bags, so those who have a thing for small bags can go for this Hermes beauty.


A gorgeous leather flap closure with a unique Chaine d’ ancre pattern is desperately waiting for you along with an adjustable shoulder strap which can behave in either way- as a shoulder bag or a messenger crossbody. Moreover, your shoulder strap can be gracefully tucked into your handbag, if the Cherche midi is getting disguised as a cute-little clutch.

It’s very much like an optional small bag, which comes in two sizes and a variety of materials, like calfskin, lizard, crocodile skins etc. They are elegant much to be available in single colors with a touch of exotic luxury


As far as the interior is concerned, this Cherche Midi treasure reveals an organized space to keep your essentials. You will see a zipper compartment to cozy-up your cash, credit cards, travel cards or car keys, a slip pocket to put your coins or lip gloss and a middle open compartment for other necessities.

Styles Size
Hermes Cherche-Midi 18 Bag 6.5’ x 4.5’ x 2’ inches
Hermes Cherche-Midi 22 Bag (Clutch Bag) 5’ x 9’ inches
Hermes Cherche-Midi 25 Bag 9.8’ x 6.3’ x 1.8’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Epsom, Evercolor, Sombrero



From Left To Right: Black, Rouge Grenat, Etain, Blue Atoll, Rouge Tomate, Ocean Blue



From Left To Right: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver


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