Hermes Birkin Bag Review
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Hermes Birkin Bag Review

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Handcrafted by the Hermes artisans in France? Finished with the iconic saddle stitching? Sometimes with diamond encrusting? And number lock and clochette keys? Does anybody want this timeless Hermes Birkin Bag? Yes! Please.

Up until now you learn that you don’t have the heart to change the classic and you never want to, the Birkin bag is such an iconic pattern blessed by the efforts of Jean – Louis Dumas. Let’s take you back to the yellow pages of this bags history, and mind you! It’s intriguing, you haven’t heard of it. So, once upon a time there was this actress and singer Jane Birkin (recall if you know her), who was going in a flight from Paris to London. Guess, who was sitting next to her? Of course, Dumas, the chief executive of Hermes. Where were we? Yes, in 1981, in the flight Jane placed her bag (basically a straw bag) in the overhead compartment of her seat. But, poor her! The contents fell mercilessly, she had to scramble and replace them. Naturally, she expressed her dilemma of not finding an appropriate weekend bag in front of Dumas.

Based on the design from 1892, Dumas hence created a bag of black supple leather in 1984, it was all for her and she used it. Since that time the Birkin bag has become Hermes icon, with the best of best raw materials and artisian being sourced for each single Birkin. In an average of 48 hours, each Birkin is gorgeously created with the inclusion of saddle stitch of 1800s. Birkins are hand-sewn, polished, painted and also buffed by a single artist who is appointed for the bag. Yup, we know, it’s truly incredible!

Search the whole galaxy out there and still, you wan’t anything even close to Hermes Birkin. It was never a handbag for people; it’s a lifestyle, an elite class tag, a fruit of labor specialisation and the ID of Hermes immortal journey of success.


Now let’s head to the design, shall we? The design is such that it doesn’t have to yell for attention, the elegancy is enough of a weapon. It features rolled leather top handles, frontal flap enclosed by the strap closure, number-locked lock and key in clochette style. Hermes also put four little feet at its bottom to ensure bag’s cleanliness and to have it in a stay-upright posture all the time. You know what never goes of style? The adorable hanging accessory at it’s front, it’s a leather lanyard in which the keys are attached.

Its centre enclosed lock is gravity! Everything about this iconic lock just pulls at your heart. Just take a look at this incredible and timeless design, it’s basically wrapped by the two leather strap buckles and you can see the frontal flap secured by these straps.

The “Shooting Star” feature of some Birkins, only enhance its sophistication. It’s basically a star stamp of either gold or silver, matching with the hardware, depicting the craftsmen’s signature, which made the bag. To ensure quality and prevent tarnishing, the hardware is coated with palladium or gold. Moreover, to ensure quality the hardware is updated frequently. There’s also a custom option of covering your Birkin’s metal lock with leather or diamond.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

An in-depth look at your wardrobe tells you that almost your every handbag fails to provide you the interior of your choice. Ultimately, you don’t want to have a shopping spree, especially of handbags, does this often happen? But here, Berkin will just sharpen your shopping desire with it’s roomy interior, more roomier than your Hermes Kelly bags. Yes, indeed, since it’s wider at the bottom it holds more.

If you are literally serious about fashion than this is the bag for you with an edgy flap and an open tote facility unlike Kelly bags. You can easily access all your belongings as the top is open. It’s opened to reveal a matte interior with zipper compartment and a large sized patch pocket to slip your i-pad or even your mac book too!


From Left To Right: Sizes 25, 30, 35, 40

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag 25 x 20 x 13 cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag 30 x 22 x 16 cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Birkin 35 Bag 35 x 25 x 18 cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Birkin 40 Bag 40 x 30 x 21 cm (W x H x D)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Clemence, Swift, Togo

From Left To Right: Epsom, Chevre de Coromandel

From Left To Right: Ostrich, Crocodylus Niloticus Matte, Crocodylus Niloticus Shiney, Crocodylus Porosus


From Left To Right: Black, Red, Green

From Left To Right: Rose Jaipur, Blue, Chocolate, Burgundy, Ocean Blue, Dark Blue

From Left To Right: Rose, Purple, Yellow, Blue Ostrich, Green Ostrich, Brown Shiny Nilo Crocodile


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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