Hermes Bearn Wallet Review
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Hermes Bearn Wallet Review

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Hermes sure is getting a lot of buzz recently, not only in the field of handbags but also in wallets. We all very well know about subtle hues, under-the-radar logos, impeccable craftsmanship, well chosen leather (off course, with some delicious exotics too) and urbane touch of this brand. Likewise, the Hermes Bearn doesn’t have to scream for attention, we know it’s worth pretty well.

Are you still hankering for something quintessential to cozy up your cards, cash, coins and bills in an organized manner? Something with gussets, something compact, long and a timeless investment, Case in point: you do really covet for something Hermes, or shall we say a Hermes Bearn wallet. This marvelous long wallet is just like your functional little leather goodie that is wrapped up in all H essentials along with gussets that can expand upto 3/4th.

Who doesn’t want a wallet that goes with anything? Whether you are in pop-quirky attire or you are in a monochrome shade for your office meeting, this Bearn Wallet is apt for your every attire. Hermes minimalistic beauty is ingrained in the design itself with no flashy or oversized logo and fussy features. Taken its DNA from the classic Constance bag (remember the H logo in front!), this Hermes wallet is truly timeless piece. Though the Bearn Wallet is smaller in size, it does resemble the famous Constance wallet.


This modern throwback of Constance features an H logo fastening, gussets and gorgeous contrast stitching at the corners. We already know about the specialization of Hermes bag; each Hermes is skilfully crafted by a single artisan and takes some hours to be created. Likewise, the Hermes Bearn wallet is no exception; the wallet is not manufactured in the assembly lines, rather, it takes 4-5 hours of a craftsman to create this magic. Though this wallet comes in a variety of colours, the quality of leather itself is a greatest signature of Hermes class.

Not just one, not two, but there are three patterns of this wallet, suffice it to say; the brand has taken care of every crowd’s demand. You will find a gusseted bi-fold Bearn wallet that will aid to expand the interior, in case you want a bigger space, and also, there’s this second pattern in bi-fold which doesn’t come with a gusset, in case you don’t like the voluminous shape. The third pattern in Hermes Bearn wallet is your usual trifold.

Interior & Sizes

A pragmatic interior side by side a splendid exterior seems like a lofty goal for many, but certainly, it isn’t a case with Hermes Bearn Wallet. You’ll feel your belongings truly organized in a way like never before! Open this wallet and you are greeted with a matte leather interior. ‘Hermes Paris’ is there just on the centre and for your belongings, five card slots, zipper compartment for coins and two flat pockets are just longing for you!

Medium, Small

Styles Size
Hermes Small Beart Wallet 7.5 x 10 cm
Hermes Medium Beart Wallet 9 x 17.5 cm

The measurement:

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Epsom, Mysore Goatskin, Smooth Mississippiensis alligator


From Left To Right: Black, Bordeaux, Blue Zanzibar, Moutarde

From Left To Right: Rose Lipstick, Gold, Etoupe, Cuivre


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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