Dior Fusion Sneakers
February 12, 2018 Vauntr

Dior Fusion Sneakers

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Are you looking for some designer sneakers? Well, perhaps you can take a peak at Dior because they’re packed with endless of choices. The Dior Fusion Sneakers are truly one of the best.

The Design

The Fusion Sneakers are made for the modern woman yet it’s crafted with comfy in mind. There are many variations and styles, but let’s talk about the most gorgeous of all.

This shoe is made with jewel-like stones in flower, star and snowflakes shapes. They’ve been embellished all over the sneaker. The crystal embroidery contrasts with the deep color of the technical mesh. You can wear them during the gym as they do look sporty or you can also wear them on the street. The rubber sole provides the ultimate comfort.

The overall design of the shoe represents Dior and their perfect fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and the urban world of Raf Simons.

The Prices

Priced at €890 EUR, £790 GBP, ₩1400000 via Dior boutiques.

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