Dior Clair D Lune Earrings
January 11, 2018 Vauntr

Dior Clair D Lune Earrings

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It’s nice to have a pair of gorgeous earrings, but if that pair is tide to an interesting story, then it’s even more intriguing. So meet the Dior Clair D Lune Earrings, it’s eye-catching, stunning and sophisticated. And what’s the story? Clair De Lune means light of the moon or moonlight in French, which explains the look of these designs. And if your hubby or BF accidentally promised to give you the moon, then perhaps he can still fulfill his promise, right?

The Design

With the absent of clouds, the moon is bright and shiny. These Clair D Lune Earrings are reflecting to this idea. The mix of gold hardware and white crystals is no doubt an attention-grabber. It will lure all eyes to your fabulous earrings.

If you look closer, these earrings are actually two separated letters – the C and D. CD obviously means Christian Dior, so these are the fashion house’s initials.

These lovely earrings are ideal for any occasions; they’re even more perfect if you wear them with a nice dress for the special events.

So what do you think?

The Prices And Sizes

Size 1 cm in width, priced at £195 GBP, €210 EUR via Dior boutiques.

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