Chanel Timeless CC WOC Review
June 9, 2017 Vauntr

Chanel Timeless CC WOC Review

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Its one thing to find an everyday bag and it’s whole other ball game to find a perfect statement bag for yourself. Being an essential part of Chanel’s history, these Chanel timeless CC WOC make us feel that we’ve got just the thing. Timeless CC isn’t just the iconic bag of the 1950s that speaks of luxury and class but it’s also a source of inspiration for designers like Marc Jacobs.


Is it fair to say that it’s an iconic piece of Chanel that you are flaunting if you own these bags? Yes, certainly, the CC logo embossed in a running stitch isn’t something to be ignored. It’s that feature of these designer bags that let people know your immense love for the brand that started everything in the first place

And perhaps this bag is called the Timeless CC is because of the leather printed CC logo that has been around for a very long time. This CC logo can be found even in Chanel’s vintage handbags and is still popular today. Which is why this CC design will be the house’s signature forever.

This is a simple handbag and it doesn’t scream CHANEL at all despite the oversized logo on the front flap. The design is stylish and it usually comes in single colours.


If you’re a couch potato or a totally messed up mind, you can’t remember where you kept your darling phone at the last party, than this timeless accessory is brilliant for you. It’s not just perfect for Miss I-want-to-flaunt-Chanel but is also equally appropriate for Miss Organised freak too!

The Timeless CC WOCs lets you carry several cards, Ids, cell phones, money and useful documents but it also lets you carry your makeup kit with that iconic white liner as well. The frontal flap opens to glam leather with a snap to reveal a partitioned interior with a zipper pocket, zipper compartment, card slots and bill slot. You can carry this timeless piece of Chanel as an all day-to-night bag without having to worry if you’d lose your belongings somewhere. In case you forgot, let’s remind you about that flashy long chain that can be put crossbody.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Style code Size
Chanel Timeless CC WOC A48654 4.9’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches

Leathers And Materials



From Left To Right: Black, Grey, Light Pink, Blue, Pink, Orange

From Left To Right: Yellow, Red, Beige

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