Chanel Small Flap Wallet Review
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Chanel Small Flap Wallet Review

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“A girl should be 2 things: classy and fabulous” Coco Chanel once said. To stay classy these days, what’s the current trend going on in wallets! Which is the perfect wallet for a party? To say the truth, the Chanel’s small flap bag is the best option if you want a glittery party accessory. Imagine in your evening party , you take out your Classy Chanel wallet, in a slow motion, the light of it’s flashy CC logo get’s reflected on the other dime a dozen crowd. How would you feel! Fantabulous, isn’t it?


It isn’t a plum job to survive the go-nano trend this season where every small accessory is admired, you ought to explore all avenues for the perfect design. Chanel’s small flap wallet is such a design, which makes your search easier. It’s that wallet which can fit in every one of your Chanel flaps. The gorgeous quilted skin of exclusive leather along with your I-want-to-flaunt-this-iconic CC interlocking is just a ‘must have’ for every girl. The sillhoutte is in a cute square shape and the diamond patterned quilting is never missing which has been the signature of the brand since ages.


It’s interior is again a thing to talk about, it’s actually what we’ll be proclaiming our love for! In this small wallet, you will find a plum interior with a zippered compartment and 3 card slots on each side to keep your stuff organized.

These are sleek, slim and compact and are the best accessory if you are a newbie investor in Chanel as the prices are relatively low. Chanel small flap wallet is structured in the form of a tiny flap wallet and it’s not a giant bulky bag that’s difficult to carry. You are free to fit it in your other Chanel bags and that’s a big-big plus!

We all know one thing about Chanel bags and wallets, and that’s it raise it’s prices and constraint it’s supply every season. On the resale market, Chanel wallets are a new favorite, the various versions and styles are hard to find, especially if we refer to small flap wallets, they are sold above their retail prices. Even the older ones hold their charisma forever, you can cherish these through the coming years.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Style code Size
Chanel Small Flap Wallet A82288 4.1’ x 4.5’ x 1.2’ inches

Leathers And Materials

Lambskin, Caviar, Calfskin


From Left To Right: Black, Baby Blue, Pink

From Left To Right: Yellow, Chevron Green


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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