Chanel Petite Shopping Tote (PST) Review
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Chanel Petite Shopping Tote (PST) Review

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One of Chanel’s most wildly popular handbags is the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote, which is also known as the PST. This tote bag is considered a classic due to its timeless design and practical use. The price was reasonable as well for a high fashion handbag and it was available in every season. But somehow Chanel decided to discontinue the Petite Shopping Tote and this was one of the saddest days for all Chanel fans.

The Petite Shopping Tote

When shoppers run into the Chanel boutique to buy a bag, they usually choose two popular handbags. It’s either a shoulder bag version like the Classic Flap Bag or the Reissue 2.55 Bag, or it’s going to be a shopping bag like the PST or the GST. Since its first release, the price of the PST increased steadily, it was not until around 2012 that Chanel decided to aggressively hike the prices. And the more the prices went up, the faster people run into the store to buy the bag in fear of another price increase.

But nothing could compare the next shocking news. In 2013, rumors started to circulate that the Petite Shopping Tote will be discontinued. Then Chanel brought the PST back, but modified the design to include another price increase. After that, the stock became very limited and only certain stores were carrying them. The rumors about Chanel discontinuing the PST came back to haunt the fans and in the end of 2014 was really the last time we’ve ever heard about this bag. Some SA also shared that the PST became a seasonal bag and will return from time to time. Let’s pray for that!


Pictures courtesy of: fashionphile

The Chanel PST was famous for its timeless design. It was the typical Chanel handbag with its quilted leather, woven chain strap and the interlocking CC signature logo stitched on the front. The interlocking CC stitch is really rare nowadays and it gives a little vintage appeal. The quilting makes the bag ultra chic and high-end. The woven chain strap has been in Chanel tradition for a long time and is also considered a time-tested design. The top comes with a leather strap; the purpose is give you comfort whenever you decide to sling it on the shoulder.

Another unique style about this bag is that the side is in smooth leather instead of quilting. Perhaps it’s to give the bag more flexibility to make it less stiff in case you overstuff the bag a little. The leather is also durable and feels luxurious. In the back you can find an exterior pocket, which is another design that resemble the idea of founder Coco Chanel. The original 2.55 bag that she crafted has a curvy back pocket as well. This necessity was created to give you instant access to urgent essentials. Overall, it’s a nice Chanel handbag and it’s so pity that it has been discontinued.


Pictures courtesy of: fashionphile

One of the main reasons why the PST was loved is due to its elegant design. You feel proud to carry this bag downtown especially because the price increases every year. So when someone else bought the bag two years later, you will feels like you got a bargain. Another aspect to consider is the interior of the PST – it was roomy, structured and has everything you need.

The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote opens with a snap closure, which can be found inside. Then you will find one large space to carry all your essentials. It also comes with two more interior pockets for organizing purposes; one zip-pocket and another open pocket.

The PST was made for the women that don’t need an oversized handbag due to its heaviness. Yet she still want a handbag that is roomy enough to carry more than the basic essentials. Thus the PST was the ideal bag. However, Chanel also made the PST XL for those that needed a size larger. This size is especially good when you need to carry extra or someone else essentials like your baby.


Chanel PST


Chanel PST measurement: 10’ x 9.5’ x 3.5’ inches
Style code: A20994

Leathers And Materials

Caviar Leather


From Left To Right: Black, Red, Burgundy, Beige, Pink, White

YouTube Reviews

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The latest prices were recorded in November 2015:

Chanel PST Prices
United States $2200 USD
Europe €1500 euro
United Kingdom £1230 GBP
Singapore $2840 SGD
Malaysia $6870 MYR
Australia $2280 AUD
Canada $2500 CAD

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