Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag Review
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Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag Review

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Chanel surely conjures bags downright from your wildest dreams, isn’t that so true! When we were so madly in love with those quilted Chanel flap bags we didn’t even have a slight idea about the extra minis that were stocked exclusively for the trendsetters. Everybody was mimicking the usual crowd of maxi sized flap bag fans and spending money like there’s no tomorrow, while here, Chanel introduced some extra cute collection.

The classic flap bag is available in 7 different sizes, not only this Extra Mini flap bag is one of the 3 smallest sizes, but it’s also available in the most mesmerizing patterns you can ever dream of. Chanel Extra Mini was introduced especially for the ones who don’t want to carry much and have a small sized accessory to flaunt in the evening, it’s light weight is one such quality that made it more special.

Seldom do we know, that this bag has intriguing fashion lore, if we go back in time to 1955, we would know people were lucky to get a glimpse of the original 2.55 bag, but in 1983 Karl Lagerfeld introduced the famous Chanel Classic Flap Bag. It was only then, that the original “Mademoiselle Lock” ( in reference to Coco Chanel never marrying) was replaced with the shiny CC logo lock that became the signature of the brand. As far as the quilted pattern of these Extra Mini Flap bags is concerned, it’s inspired by the cushions of Coco’s fashion apartment, the windows of an abbey at Aubazine and the jockeys riding coats.

The Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag


Straight out of your illusion, the ultimate Chanel extra mini classic handbag is a dream come true with its bold diamond and herringbone pattern on the exterior, quilting is done using a running stitch to give the bag it’s shape and volume.

Being a witty women, you would surely want a spiffy glam accessory that would not only serve as a sling bag for your workplace but also a clutch for your evening party. The design of these Extra Mini Flap bags is such, that you can have it’s leather interwoven chain tucked in as well as carry it crossbody on your shoulder as a sling bag. An elegant textured pattern that is meant to enhance your overall outfit, a back exterior pocket, a very small and adorable shape and the flashy CC signature; that is what makes these bags different from any other ordinary bags.

Well, It isn’t any other bag, it’s chanel! not a giant size trouble but a graceful accessory to carry. Celebs don’t flaunt their Chanel bags for nothing, the feel of supreme comfort and class of the brand, amazed to know how flexible the design is!


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

For a person who wants everything organized, it’s interior is a boon; several pockets including a back exterior pocket, all wrapped up in a tiny size, designed to carry your everyday essentials like cards, money, cell phone, and lip gloss.

This bundle of pure joy is crafted with stuffed and quilted leather and the unique handles inspired by 1920s military satchels. It’s small space, lighter weight and long chain are interwoven with leather let’s you have it close to your body. The sophisticated leather interior and classy patch pockets let’s you manage your necessities in style. Not only that but for the initial investors in the brand it’s very beneficial, as it comes at a lesser price. So finally you don’t have to see the prices of lovely Chanel bags skyrocketing and sigh, as usual, you can go grab this extra mini-incarnation of flap bags sent by the holy gods of handbags.

In flap bags diversities, you’ll witness the Classic Flap Jumbo, Classic Flap Medium, Classic Flap Small, Classic Flap Mini (Rectangle), Classic Flap Mini (Square) and Classic Flap Extra Mini and you would be delighted to know that the last one is as adorable as it sounds. As you go down the range each one get’s decreased in size by a factor of 1 inch in height and 1.5 inches in length and the Extra mini is the smallest of all sizes, it lightens your cumbersome traveling.


Styles Style code Size
Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag A65050 3.9′ x 6.7′ x 3′ inches (rectangular 7 inches)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Caviar, Patent


From Left To Right: Black, White, Yellow, Pink

From Left To Right: Green, Dark Grey, Sand


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black, Gunmetal

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