Chanel Cerf Tote Review
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Chanel Cerf Tote Review

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When all the female working population was finding it extra hard to match something graceful and classy with their oh-so-official style, the Chanel Cerf tote stepped in. Released in 2005, this formal bag also became a part of Chanel’s famous classic collection. Soon, we all were swooning over this formal bag, which now proved to be an ultimate blessing in disguise for those who tend to fall in love with understated and subtle fashion.
There’s a story behind every name, and here, Chanel’s Cerf tote has its own story to tell. In it’s initial years, the bag was made of calfskin that was strong and smooth; as a result, it could be durable for everyday use too. But the brand recently has switched over to extra soft leather, i.e, lambskin. Lambskin is softer than the older version but not that durable, and after that Chanel gave the prefix ‘executive’ to it. You would probably be wondering what’s the real deal with the name ‘cerf’ is, well, the name cerf stands for deerskin. Hence the name Cerf tote was opted due to it’s material (deerskin) used.
“A must have” for Chanel fans, a timeless piece, a perfect travel bag and the symbol of luxury and fine taste; these are just a few names by which it’s being referred by the people all over the globe. When the famous Lady Gaga couldn’t resist the charm of this classic accessory, who are we to do it!


Taking it off the production since 2005 was never a piece of cake for Chanel, the bag is so in trend due to it’s style and design that you can’t possibly ignore this beauty. With tall tubular leather top handles, optional leather shoulder strap that can be folded over and a shiny Chanel interlocking CC; it’s simplicity and class is well defined. It’s a structured bag that has its own unique look, whatever attire you wear, whether it’s formal or informal, it suits you.
The term cerf make it sound chicer and of superior class and so is the style. You can not only carry it with your business suit, but it’s subtle and elegant design lets you pay a visit to a nearby grocery store.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The top of this Chanel Cerf tote opens, or rather we say, unsnaps to a burgundy interior, the color inspired by the convent school where Coco was raised. There are multiple compartments with a zippered section and a zippered smaller pocket. It’s a no-brainer that it lets you manage your all-essential commodities in a very organized way. Now you can carry your money, makeup items, cell phone, charger and some important document along with a little-printed scarf if you wish, all in style. This trendy tote has a one of a kind look with its innovative handles, straps, lock and exclusive silhouette. Moreover, a front and rear pocket and those full wide pockets at the sides make this piece roomier than the other ordinary bags.
Last but not the least, if you want some bag that’s roomier, apt for traveling, is classy yet simple, perfect for formal occasions and has a unique structure and design, then, at the drop of a hat you should choose Chanel’s Cerf tote.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
From Left To Right: Small, Medium, Large
Styles Style code Size
Chanel Small Cerf Tote TBD 7’ x 12’ x 5.7’ inches
Chanel Cerf Tote A15206 14’ x 10’ x 6’ inches
Chanel Large Cerf Tote TBD 18’ x 13’ x 6’ incehs

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Calfskin, Caviar


From Left To Right: Black, Coral, White, Bordeaux

From Left To Right: Beige, Pink, Brown, Navy


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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