Celine Trotteur Bag Review
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Celine Trotteur Bag Review

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Trotteur bag from Celine’s fashion house is a look that hits the right note between an iconic and a modern silhouette being put together, all with a splash of practicality. Yup, we have a statement bag from Celine now that will solve the problem for those who don’t want something extra innovative like phantom and tie bags.

The crowd was once head over heels for the it bags of Celine and yes, we are still all about these handbags. Now, the Celine handbags are back with vengeanace, competing with all other brands. Similarly, Celine hoped that the trotteur bag which is much more practical than any other bag, will become the next it bag. Debuted in fall 2015, the trotteur stands out as the most elegantly designed bag. A cross body shoulder straps, the signature metal chevron shaped closure and a round curved silhouette are some of the things that will help you to embrace the trend this season, need we say more?


Does anything feel trendier than a chevron shaped closure! The most unique locks you would ever see; there’s this metal plate slide closure which tucks into a leather holster that’s also of the same shape. This amazing clasp provides a hint of simplicity and you don’t have to worry if the plate is left unfastened; it turns more appealing that way. Many people who own a trotteur bag don’t fully close it as the bag looks good both ways.

In case you are wondering if the shoulder clasp is adjustable, than the answer is 200 percent yes. You’ll find a buckle so that you can adjust it crossbody, according to your preferences. We shall not forget that this is the only bag that will take you through the handbags uncertainty, as its highly practical that matches effortlessly with your clothing. Overall, the bag is a total win with a shoulder strap with lovely golden links, an adjustable buckle, pocket on the back and the flap with a lock.
The exotic touch of leather is provided by Celine in these trotter bags in the form of some luxurious leather that you rarely see, and mind you, the result is dizzying! (in the best way). For summer 2017, the bag is available in textured goatskin, watersnake, calfskin both pebbled and smooth.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The flap opens to a beautiful leather interior that makes a major addition to the design. It features one large compartment and it’s ideal for everyday essentials as well as for taking strolls around the town. It’s a flat bag, which isn’t too deep so if you keep something round than it would ruin the shape of the bag. Small size is too small and the medium is bigger than the box bag so it’s practical.


From Left To Right: Small, Medium, Compact

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Celine Small Trotteur Bag 7.5′ x 7.5’ x 2’ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Medium Totteur Bag 10′ x 9.5’ x 4.5’ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Compact Trotteur Bag 9.25′ x 8’ x 2.5’ inches (L x H x D)

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Natural Calfskin, Grained Calfskin, Lizard


From Left To Right: Black, Brown

From Left To Right: Orange, Brick, White

From Left To Right: Pink, Orange, Light Orange, Burgundy, Purple, Dark Grey


From Left To Right: Silver, Gold

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