Celine Ring Bag Review
June 29, 2017 Vauntr

Celine Ring Bag Review

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Anything that fits your laptop and is classy as hell is surely a god given grace. And what more! This particular Celine beauty has a captivating golden ring attached to its zipper. Can we ask more from Celine? Yeah, yeah we do know that the Celine ring bag isn’t included so often in new releases anymore, like your phantom or It bags but despite that factor, the design is so…Celine.

Boxy design, minimalistic style, small embossed brand logo, the chicest shape and the ring zipper; all of it just shouts one thing- and that’s Celine.


What’s with the name- ring bag? Well, it’s the mesmerizing golden, or in some case, silver ring in the slot handclasp. Its basically the exterior pocket in the front which opens with the ring zipper, have you seen anything more exquisite than this style! The overall style is minimal, elegant as well as functional; all within a structural boxy silhouette.

Ring bag’s top zipper is all in your hands, you know you can detach it as per your convenience! There are tied leather straps on top of zipper and a snap button at the end of the zipper to detach the corners of zipper. If you find it annoying to use the flap and the lock again and again, then this option lets your sneaky hands wander in your necessities through this corner of your bag.

If we talk about the handles, then they are small and let’s you carry it in the crook of your arm. These curvy flat handles are stitched by the out seam stylishly.

Moreover the little studs at its bottom keep it clean and dirt-free as the bottom doesn’t get in contact with the surface. As the shape of the bag is unchangeable and there are studs at the bottom, your bag won’t fall down even if you keep it on a table. There are expandable wings that has extra long leather flap on top with a push button, so even if you need some more space, you can adjust these wings and see the magic.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

This bag opens to reveal the softest suede interior you have ever seen. Just don’t scratch it much and keep it miles away from the rain, your bag will be like this forever. It’s so roomy and wide inside, that you wish to put your entire world in it. The base is flat and there’s a zipper pocket along with two small slots to keep your cards and all go-and-grab stuff. A long tail is attached to the inside zipper to make it more stylish. A Celine Paris logo is ingrained inside the bag as well.


From Left To Right: Small, Medium

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Style code
Celine Small Ring Bag 12’ x 8’ x 7’ inches
Celine Medium Ring Bag 14’ x 10’ x 8’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Bullhide Calfskin, Smooth Calfskin, Python


From Left To Right: Black, Brown, Orange, Taupe

From Left To Right: White, Blue, Red, Dark Orange

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