Celine Lace-up Sneakers
January 1, 2018 Vauntr

Celine Lace-up Sneakers

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Usually you want your sneakers to be simple, easy-to-match with different street wears and outfits, but also comfortable and nice-looking. We have seen plenty of Celine sneakers and we think that these designs are very promising.

The Design

Straight from the Spring 2018 Collection, these sneakers are more than just sneakers. They have been drafted, shaped and crafted in minimalistic styles but they’re not boring. The top of these Lace-Up Sneakers are colored in white, they look clean and stream-lined. The sole is where it gets interesting, they come in different colors like burgundy-red, green and our favorite light pink. The light pink is really stunning

The sole is refined with multi-textured and vulcanized rubber. The insole is made with canvas for the maximum comfort.

These sneakers are ideal for everything, but of course white is a color that can get dirt very easily. But they’re still perfect for the gym as well.

The Prices

The price is $490 USD, €390 EUR, £365 GBP, $770 SGD, $3900 HKD, $750 AUD, ¥3900 CNY, ¥64000 JPY via Celine boutiques.

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