Boy Chanel Zip Around Wallet Review
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Boy Chanel Zip Around Wallet Review

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In a habit of stuffing too much in your beloved wallet until it falls on your knees and begs for mercy? Aren’t you too wicked! And to add on, you want it to remain your statement bag until forever? Which wallet will be that tolerable for your own good? Well, it’s one and only boy Chanel zip around wallet that can help you. You can put your every special thing in it and it’s one of the highly accessible wallets from Chanel with that zipper in the function you can easily access through your travel pass, make all the stuff highly secured, and that too in vogue.

You ought to give props for the most discernible thing that you can’t just ignore about this boy wallet; it is the iconic boy clasp, founded in Fall Winter 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld, the clasp here, has the unique push on each side. It is stated by Karl that the boy-clasp was named after the love of Coco Chanel’s life, Boy Capel.


Just like a book it’s exterior is compact and fits so right in your hands, you can just carry it around everywhere easily. The silhouette is flat like a book and it’s gorgeous, simultaneously it’s one of a kind style from Chanel as it doesn’t mimic the flap patterns. This gorgeous zip-around wallet is marvelously quilted either in those signature diamond or diagonal patterns, giving it a classy vibe that’s unlike any other wallet. The essence of the boy collection, that’s the linear edges quilting, is ever-present just like you’ve seen it in the others. The structure is not too boxy like other boy collection, but quite unusual and unique, in a real good sense.

Fond of carrying too many coins or other unnecessary cards, which may become useful at times? If you want all of them to stay securely in one wallet, even if you keep it bouncing and shaking throughout the dance floor than this boy wallet is the best choice. The bottom line is, that the three-sided zipper style provides much more security than any other flap or snap wallet.

It’s also very structural, as you now can put your everyday items in a structured zipper compartment. Your hands can wonder in the bag whenever you want with that easy zipper option. Those who like boy flaps will definitely like this one too, as it’s the same but with some really simpler techniques, that’s so in touch with some common crowd. The boy Chanel zip-around wallet is of smaller size and it’s also without those masculine chains like boy flap, so you can fit it in your bag without a second thought. However, there’s one thing missing, and it’s your usual back pocket on the exterior that you’ve seen in the other wallets of Chanel but overall it isn’t a big deal for many.

Those obsessed with zip -in –wallet fashion would know where to go now, as Chanel just aced the styles of almost everyone now. If we refer to some prior concepts, then the boy style is about to become a classic soon.


Millions of indispensable stuff for women can’t be put in one wallet but ‘many’ can be, for sure. So if you have those bank cards, currency, electricity bills, booking confirmations, extra lip gloss and so on, than all of them needs a compact little home to live in. All in all, you need a perfect travel wallet that could keep these things secure, whenever you need them, and that is what this boy is all about.

The interior is a practical cum luxurious pick; a matching fabric, the card slots, central zipper pocket and other compartment, get spiffy as you can keep your coins, cards, bills and cash in style.


Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Style code Size
Boy Chanel Zip Around Wallet A80815 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Caviar, Lambskin, Grained Calfskin


From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Silver, Beige Chevron, Red, Light Blue


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black

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