Boy Chanel Yen Wallet Review
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Boy Chanel Yen Wallet Review

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Don’t you sigh at times and wish to have more disposable income in order to grab the most extraordinary statement wallet, known to have inherited a unique trait – the boyish charm, of Coco Chanel. In her younger years, Chanel liked the masculine accent in her designs and was inspired by Boy Capel, the love of her life, thus the famous boy collection is as unique as her choice.

With its versatility, uniqueness and edgy style, the Boy Chanel Yen wallet stepped in the pre-eminent boy collection of Chanel and made a superior standing for itself in everyone’s mind. Not to forget the celebs like Beyonce, Blake Lively, Cara Delevigne, Chiara Ferragni and Dorothy Wang who are happy as a clam to have these Boy wallets in their collection. At this moment in time, Chanel is more wearable than any other brand and to say that the Boy Wallet is popular is certainly the biggest understatement of the era, it’s something that everybody is going nuts for, whether talk about tv actresses or the French It girls.

If you aren’t some girly girl caught in a bag predicament, and at the same time, want a very functional wallet with your oh-so-edgy choice than this is just made for you!


In that La La La Land of yours, you don’t really have the time to stash your money and some essentials, that too in style, if you’re going for an urgent outing. You just want a statement wallet and that’s it! The boy yen wallet of your dear Chanel is something that you’re looking for, it’s exterior is lavish and just so right! Polished chain link shoulder strap that is threaded with your treasured leather, Chanel CC boy clasp with studs on both sides, just on the front flap, and the boxy masculine silhouette; what more one can ask in a wallet, the exterior is fabulous. Oh! How could we forget the quilted texture!

You can sense the diamond quilted design of this boy wallet, stuffed by leather and finished with running stitch pattern, this puffed up style has been in the brand since forever and we never fail to iterate how classic it seems. The most recognizable factor of this boy is its peripheral linear hem quilting and the absence of back pocket, all, unlike those classic patterns. The world is small and the choices are many, is it all Greek to you! Well, what we’re saying is, that you can get this boy yen wallet in not just in one style but in many.

Made to travel, this wallet is highly functional and very lightweight so you can easily fit it in your tote bag. Some might say that the silhouette is boxy for them, but there’s a trick to use it your way; just use the quilted texture pattern in a subtle color, and there you go! Turns out, you can carry it anywhere, anytime.


Ready to peek inside the splendid interior? Well, you’ll find all the space in the matching fabric interior that’ll stuff your cash, cell, bill and other cards. One side has eight-card slot with a cute hologram CC. The other side is uniquely folded, having the required room to keep your long crease-free and unfolded bills (and it will keep them crease-free forever). Card slots, zipper compartment and patch pockets all are there to hold your everyday use things safe and secure.


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Styles Style code Size
Boy Chanel Yen Wallet A80285 3.7’ x 7.3’ x 1.4’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Caviar, Lambskin, Grained Calfskin


From Left To Right: Pink, Coral Chevron, Fuchsia, Black


From Left To Right: Gold, Light Gold, Silver, Black On Black

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Boy Chanel Yen Wallet Review


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