Boy Chanel Long Wallet Review
June 25, 2017 Vauntr

Boy Chanel Long Wallet Review

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Congratulations – A glam-meets-iconic style that can bring you back to life has reached the cult status in fashion and is now available as your precious Boy Chanel long wallet. Long bills and important papers can be put without a second thought in their usual crease free form. There’s no worry to locate these important things and put some more pressure in your already lost memory, just grab the wallet and get going.

The boy collection can never be perfect if you don’t include this wallet in it, it’s one of the most popular wallets that started to pop up this season. Coco Chanel, the founder of Chanel was so fond of masculine accents and boyish style that she even used to design her outfits out of men’s underwear; she was known for her boyish charm. As stated by Karl, the boy collection is a similar reflection of this particular trait of Coco that has been said to have been inspired from her lover – Boy Capel. By the same token, this statement wallet is a perfect blend of masculine accent with a very practical design


Can you ever go wrong with a Chanel wallet! It has just the right amount of structure and design. Not too boxy, not too edgy, but definitely more unique than the other wallets; it has a sophisticated rectangular silhouette. If you’re after some stylishly vintage or iconic design and you also prefer a statement wallet that is quite a bit edgy, then go for it. Like all those boys, it’s not totally masculine but is in a ladylike style despite its boyish details. Though it doesn’t have an external pocket like other flaps, it’s more appropriate to store all your cards and essentials at a place.

Four distinctive features make it stand apart from rest of the wallets; peripheral linear edge, boy clasp, shorter flap and center quilting. Being introduced in 2011 by Karl, the boy clasp is one such lock pattern that you won’t find anywhere, it’s a basically a push up from both the sides that define a boy collection. The diamond quilted lines that dominate the center skin of this wallet, framed by the linear quilting at the edges is also a gorgeous trait of this boy long wallet. The illusion and the touch of this puffed up, the 3D pattern is so mesmerizing that you never fail to get addicted to this texture.

The reason you should splash out on a long boy wallet; they are way too pretty to hide in your closet, unlike others, the front flap doesn’t cover the whole bag and it makes it more stunning. Just imagine the half quilting framed by lines on the flap meeting the half quilting framed on the wallet skin, isn’t it damn classy!


Chuffed to bits, we never fail to admire the spacious interior of a boy wallet that’s so so long to put in anything and everything. Those bills and papers that you need to keep secure on an everyday basis from re-folding and creases can be secured in this wallet. If you are too lazy to transfer your cards to your usual WOCs or bags than keep them for like, forever, in this boy. The flap opens to a matching fabric interior that has a middle currency zipper compartments, card slots, and space in between to keep your coins and other stuff.


Styles Style code Size
Boy Chanel Long Wallet A80286 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 0.8’ inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Caviar, Glazed Calfskin, Patent


From Left To Right: Black, Red, Pink Chevron, Blue, Pink Patent, Light Green


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black

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