Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Bag Review
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Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Bag Review

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If you are up for your own all-glitter-and-shiny-is-classy philosophy than the Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City bag is a match made in heaven for you! Introduced in their Resort 2014 collection, this brand new bag is the best update of a Classic city bag, especially for those who crave for a flashy hardware in their usual motorcycle-inspired iconic bags. This metallic edge finish adds a new style and edge to the signature classic City bag.

The cult-status Motorcycle bags are back in game after being a major hit during 90s. And we all know, its not everyday that a design goes from cult favourite, to It bag to classic, and the Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City bag has achieved all these three stages. So many colors, so many versions, and so many leather skins; finally over the years the City bag has evolved.


Never-coming-of-age-City-bags have done a bit of disguise here and there, to form this super flashy Metallic Edge City. This Metallic edge adds dimension and a little bit of spunk to an already spiffy accessory. You can get the edging detail in both the hardware; silver or golden. Moreover your favourite bag now features flashy toned studs (that have been the signature of motorcycle-inspired lineup), detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, two-way zipped top, zipped front pocket, framed hand-held mirror and the main thing- a shiny hardware( more shiny than your City bag) to flaunt.

For anyone who adored motorcycle bags, this bag again provides soft slouchy leather that was once iconic of such bags. Its soft, it’s thin, it’s slouchy and all in all its feather light! No! Don’t think it’s not durable, as the leather is immune to wear, tear and scratches. This luxurious skin isn’t vulnerable but it does require some care on the part of its owner.

Moreover, this classic Metallic Edge City bag, with its ‘City’ silhouette comes in chic colors like Gris Acier, Night blue, Sable, Blue Nuit, etc. The sizes offered are Mini, Small and Medium. And also, the leathers are lambskin, goatskin, calf and Suede.


As this Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City bag is in a slight slouchy form, the bag holds more than you can think it can. The interior has either cotton or a twill lining, cotton lining may not be as lavish as suede but it’s more easier to manage and clean making it more durable. Also, the cotton one is lightweight so your Balenciaga Classic Metallic comes as a breezy bag inspite of so many studs detailing. For an easy organization, the bag does come with internal zipped and slot pockets.


From Left To Right: Mini, Small, Medium
Styles Size
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Mini Bag 9.4’ x 6.2’ x 3.5’ (W x H x D) inches
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Small Bag 11.7’ x 7.8’ x 3.9’ (W x H x D) inches
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Medium Bag 14.8’ x 9.4’ x 5.5’ (W x H x D) inches

Leathers And Materials

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Calfskin, Goatskin, Suede


From Left To Right: Black, Gris Perle

From Left To Right: Marron Ebene, Rouge Pourpre, Blue Nuit

From Left To Right: Peach, Beige Latte, White, Sable, Gris Acier, Night Blue


From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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